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  • Harpy Champion Teaser – League of Legends
    She fights for the cause,. He fights for her. The first new champion release of 2017 in league of legends is looking to be a big one. Being teased initially not long after April Fools Events such as Advanced Bots and Graves Cigar, it was a bit unclea…
    - 3 Apr 17, 9:06pm -
  • Season 10 Begins – Diablo III
    A new start in the conquest of the Forces of Hell As we previously covered the nearing end of Diablo’s 9th season, the end has official come and the beginning of Season 10 has replaced it. Available on both  PC and Consoles the Diablo III season o…
    - 1 Apr 17, 6:45pm -
  • Double Everything Weekend – Smite
    Earn all you can Take, and take all you can Earn This weekend until Sunday you can play smite for double rewards for everything you do. Still not hit the Level cap? You can get experience. Almost done with your mastery? Worshipers are included as wel…
    - 31 Mar 17, 4:20pm -
  • The Tomb of Sargeras – Wow Patch 7.2
    One step closer to the Legions fall A new release and more adventures in World of Warcraft Legion to be had. Bringing plenty to do this Update will include new Class quests, World Quests, Scenarios, Cross Faction Events and More for you to conquer as…
    - 29 Mar 17, 3:27pm -
  • A Mammoth Celebration!
    Free stuff just for Dropping by! Celebrating their Year of the Mammoth Event and Leading up to the Official release of Journey to Un’Goro in Hearthstone. This is the second of them, the first being a Brawl where winning a Match in Hearthstone score…
    - 27 Mar 17, 9:04pm -


Game Informer

  • Pokémon Teases 25th Anniversary Celebration In 2021
    During yesterday's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Pokémon Company International revealed its 25th anniversary logo. Accompanied by a giant Pikachu parade balloon, a dance troupe of Pikachu and trainers performed a short routine to an instru…
    - 2 days ago, 27 Nov 20, 6:24pm -
  • Microsoft Addresses Questions About Certain PS5 Games Outperforming Xbox Series X
    Both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are incredibly powerful systems, but that doesn't mean what's out now is what all there is to experience. As more and more games continue to be prepped for this new generation of gaming, some players h…
    - 3 days ago, 26 Nov 20, 9:38pm -
  • Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Update Tackles Stability Issues
    PlayStation fans have been diving into New York once more as Miles Morales, but that doesn't mean that the enjoyable Spider-Man experience couldn't be made a little bit better with a new patch. The latest Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales update…
    - 3 days ago, 26 Nov 20, 9:15pm -
  • Hades' Chef Offers Special Happy Thanksgiving Message For Fans
    It's Thanksgiving in the US and Supergiant Games is wishing fans a happy holiday with the head chef from Hades himself. Is this news? No, but it's pretty obvious that we here at Game Informer have been mildly obsessed with game, and this was too…
    - 3 days ago, 26 Nov 20, 8:13pm -
  • How Xbox Is Becoming More Accessible And More Financially Available As A Brand
    Accessibility in games is an uphill battle, but the folks over at Microsoft have been leading the charge with this initiative in an effective and powerful way. Through the adaptive controller to development tweaks, Team Green has been making posi…
    - 3 days ago, 26 Nov 20, 3:00pm -


  • newHacker sells access to hundreds of corporate executives' email accounts
    Hackers are fond of hijacking email accounts, and one of them may have obtained a motherlode of potential targets. ZDNet and Gizmodo report that a hacker is selling claimed access to “hundreds” of C-suite executives’ Microsoft-based email accou…
    - 4 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 9:54pm -
  • newIndia's new ride hailing rules cap driver hours and limit surge pricing
    India is bringing app-based ride hailing services under dedicated regulation for the first time, and it might just set an example for other countries. TechCrunch reports the country has instituted guidelines that set expectations for both drivers and…
    - 5 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 9:10pm -
  • newVolkswagen may release a small EV for as little as $24,000
    In the future, Volkswagen may have a pretty affordable electric vehicle offering in its lineup. According to Reuters, the automaker is working on a pure electric car around the size of a Polo under a project that the company calls “Small BEV (Batte…
    - 5 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 8:50pm -
  • newModified 'stealth' virus could fight advanced cancers
    Scientists have long explored using viruses to fight cancer, but that doesn’t work well for metastatic cancers (that is, those that have spread beyond the primary site) when your immune system will quickly neuter perceived threats. There might, how…
    - 6 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 8:05pm -
  • newMicrosoft envisions 'scoring' meetings based on body language
    You might not have to endure as many unnecessary company meetings in the future. GeekWire has found a Microsoft patent application for an “insight computer system” that would give meetings scores based on body language, facial expressions, the nu…
    - 7 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 7:15pm -


The Verge Gaming

  • newNew trailers: Small Axe: Red White and Blue, Equinox, Sweet Home, and more
    John Boyega stars in Small Axe: Red, White and Blue | Amazon PrimeI would like to discuss my THOUGHTS about the Netflix movie Happiest Season with you all but I don’t want to spoil the ending if you have not seen it. Suffice to say it could have us…
    - 3 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 11:09pm -
  • newHere are the best Cyber Monday deals happening at Best Buy
    Photo by Avery White for The VergeBest Buy was one of the first retailers to launch Black Friday deals — all the way back in mid-October to go up against Amazon Prime Day. Now that Cyber Monday is essentially here, Best Buy is back with a bunch of…
    - 5 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 9:13pm -
  • newThe best Cyber Monday deals on noise-canceling headphones
    Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The VergeNoise-canceling headphones are an important piece of tech if you enjoy having zero distractions or outside noise while you jam to funky tunes or listen to podcasts. And, as you might have expected, Cyber Mon…
    - 5 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 8:56pm -
  • newThe best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on games
    The Last of Us Part IILet’s be honest: gaming is expensive, but the holiday season is a good time to take advantage of deals and sales and buy more than one game. Whether you are adding games to your personal library for your backlog, or you are pl…
    - 6 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 8:18pm -
  • newThe best Cyber Monday deals on Apple devices
    iPhone 12. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The VergeIt’s rare that Apple slashes the prices on its own products. Fortunately, other retailers are putting a lot of Apple products on sale for Cyber Monday. A bunch of retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Ph…
    - 6 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 7:45pm -


  • newReview: World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
    Since World of Warcraft's launch in 2004, I've seen pretty much every up and down you can imagine. Its highest points (Burning Crusade into Wrath of the Lich King), its lowest point (shades of Cataclysm, Pandaria, and most of Draenor), and everything…
    - 11 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 3:00pm -
  • newWho needs Black Ops Cold War when Konami's Green Beret has returned?
    If you haven't gotten enough Cold War action from Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops entry, then retro publisher Hamster are offering a more old-school peek behind The Iron Curtain this week, thanks to its latest Arcade Archives release.Originally…
    - 14 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 12:00pm -
  • newHibana statue coming for the dedicated (and rich) Rainbow Six Siege fan
    Wealthy supporters of Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege now have a new way to showcase their love for deadly breacher Yumiko Imagawa - better known by her call-sign "Hibana" - in the form of brand new premium statue, now available to pre-order from merch-m…
    - 16 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 10:00am -
  • newReview: Tracks: Toybox Edition
    A grown man probably shouldn't be so interested in a game where all you do is play with toy trains, but I never had a wooden train set growing up. We skipped over that staple of childhood in favor of Hot Wheels tracks. At the time, I didn't really mi…
    - 19 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 7:00am -
  • Cblogs of 11/21 to 11/27/2020: Soul Reaver, Yakuza, and M-Rated games
    Cblogs Recap: Week 48-Kerrik52 writes about when he first learned to like M-rated games.-Julc3 thinks that the proliferation of scalpers means that Sony and Microsoft failed to kick-off the new generation.-Shoggoth2588 responds to this month's Ba…
    - 1 day ago, 28 Nov 20, 3:00pm -

VG 24/7

  • newGrab 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $20 this Cyber Monday
    For Xbox owners with a love of variety, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a package that’s hard to beat. A subscription nets you access to more than a hundred titles, covering every genre under the sun – along with Xbox Live Gold, so you can play them a…
    - 4 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 9:39pm -
  • newWalmart has a bunch of Xbox controllers selling cheap
    Bored of playing solo and in need of a spare controller? Right now Walmart is selling wireless controllers for Xbox One and Xbox Series X at a tidy discount.There are all kinds of colours available, from the default ‘Carbon Black’ to funkier opti…
    - 8 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 5:52pm -
  • newSaGa Frontier Remastered coming to consoles and PC in 2021
    SaGa Frontier Remastered is coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS, and Android ‘mid-2020’, Square Enix has announced.SaGa Frontier Remastered, Square Enix’s rerelease of the 1998 PlayStation RPG classic, is set to hit mobile, console, and…
    - 9 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 4:47pm -
  • newApex Legends most popular characters have been revealed
    Respawn has shared a little bit of data with us this weekend that lifts the lid of which characters get chosen the most in the on-going battle royale game Apex Legends.Earlier in the week, Respawn put out a tweet that asked players to guess which pla…
    - 10 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 3:58pm -
  • newFinal Fantasy 14’s next big update, Futures Rewritten, drops December 8
    Final Fantasy XIV’s next update, the much-anticipated 5.4 patch called Futures Rewritten, will be released on December 8, 2020, according to Square Enix.The upcoming patch is set to be a pretty significant one, introducing a plethora of new content…
    - 11 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 2:40pm -

Euro Gamer

  • newCurrys goes live with early Cyber Monday deals
    Black Friday may be pretty much vanquished, but it's ready to morph into its final boss form: Cyber Monday, armed to the teeth with even more deals for bargain-hungry shoppers.Traditionally, Black Friday involves larger, big-ticket goods that see th…
    - 5 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 9:09pm -
  • newHere's when the Sonic the Hedgehog sequel is slated to release
    We knew a sequel to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was coming, but Paramount Pictures has now shared more information about the upcoming movie, including a tentative release date of 8th April, 2022.As reported by Comic Book , the sequel - which is repo…
    - 9 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 4:36pm -
  • newUri Geller apologises for Pokémon dispute and says it's "up to Nintendo" to bring Kadabra back
    Uri Geller has finally u-turned on his decision to prevent Nintendo from using Pokémon Kadabra, saying he continues to get "tremendous volumes of emails" about it and is "truly sorry" for the dispute that flared up 20 years ago.The Pokémon - which…
    - 10 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 3:46pm -
  • newAssassin's Creed Valhalla patch 1.0.4: Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 re-tested
    Thursday's 1.0.4 patch for Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the first big update for Ubisoft's latest massive open worlder - and a crucial one, delivering a vast array of gameplay improvements and bug fixes, but of course, the Digital Foundry focus is mo…
    - 11 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 3:00pm -
  • newHere are Apex Legends' most popular characters
    Apex Legends players have lifted the lid on which are our favourite characters in its battle royale, Apex Legends, and while the top spot is unlikely to shock you, I can't pretend I wasn't surprised by some of the other entries on the list.Earlier th…
    - 13 hours ago, 29 Nov 20, 1:16pm -

Shack News

Giant Bomb

  • The Community Spotlight 2020.11.28
    Thank You, Abby Russell.Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back on the best user-created offerings from the last week. Well, I think I spea…
    - 1 day ago, 28 Nov 20, 8:30pm -
  • Best of Giant Bomb: 201 - Abby From Brooklyn
    Noted gamer Abby Russell has #schwepped us away over the years at Giant Bomb. Here is a few clips from her work here.
    - 2 days ago, 27 Nov 20, 8:08pm -
  • Quick Look: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
    We're murdering moblins by the millions over here!
    - 2 days ago, 27 Nov 20, 5:00pm -
  • The Giant Beastcast: Ep. 288 - The Giant Beastcast
    It's Abby's last official day on The Beastcast and we celebrate by talking about Miles Morales, water heaters, and sharing our favorite jokes. It's not goodbye, it's just see you later!
    - 3 days ago, 26 Nov 20, 6:30pm -
  • Giant Bomb Premium Is On Sale Now!
    Wow, 2020, huh? It’s been a heck of a year for a lot of reasons, including the fact that Giant Bomb is no longer part of CBS, America’s Most-Watched Network™ and is now under the umbrella of Red Ventures (jokes yet to be determined). I know peo…
    - 4 days ago, 26 Nov 20, 11:18am -